The Aspire Process

The Right Team, The Right School, The Right Major, The Right Future.

In the whirlwind of our lives, we spend vast amounts of energy managing the immediate and frequently unimportant. Significant decisions such as College selection loom big in the distant horizon. The distant timeline begs families to delay getting started. Sprinkle that with the complexity of the recruiting process and you have a recipe for chaos—where decisions are made frantically and at the last minute. Athletes often have their hearts set on schools that are poor fits academically. Parents feel the burden of making their child’s dream come true while realizing that certain dreams may be impractical or unaffordable or both. Players aren’t realistic about their own playing abilities and seek guidance from the wrong advisors or worse—don’t seek guidance at all. In fact, families must embrace the idea that recruiting is a complex sales and marketing process. The winners in the recruitment battle build credibility strategically and market themselves to decision-makers that are in the best position to marry talent and team need. The winners are rewarded with positive college and soccer outcomes. But how do you start?


In Aspire’s experience, players pass four critical stages in the recruiting process, which involve answering key questions:




1. Game of Life

What do I want to study in college? What occupation is best for me?




2. Own Your School

Which college campuses fit my major and my needs?




3. Achieve Your Soccer Level

What level of college athletics can I play? What level of college athletics should I play?




4. Lead Your Sales Campaign

How do I market myself to my target coaches?

We work with you to answered these tough questions, then create a personalized roadmap to manage the complexity and avoid the pitfalls of College Recruiting. A recruiting road map is an integrated, multi-year plan that starts with sound career planning, progresses through a practical and educated school search, and is grounded in the idea of soccer skill level and potential.


Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources is a guide with a proven track record to navigate your college selections, organize your search, simplify the process, and direct you on a trajectory to success. Our 4-part process involves a hands-on, collaborative approach where we will identify and then execute the best path:

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