Your Responsibility in the College Athletic Recruitment Process

College Athletic Recruitment

Your Responsibility in the College Athletic Recruitment Process

Growing good people and good soccer players is a complex process. Your student-athlete may want to be an audio engineer, attend college in Virginia by his favorite uncle, and play on a great collegiate soccer team. Last week we considered what your soccer club’s responsibilities are in the college athletic recruitment process. Today, it’s your turn.

What is the responsibility of an athlete and their family in the college athletic recruitment process?

Simply put, all you need to do is discover the right major, school, soccer program, how to effectively market your player to decision makers, and pay for it. In more detailed terms, you will need to:

  • Help your 15 -17-year-old student-athlete make basic decisions about what they enjoy and have the aptitude to study
  • Consider if that field of study will be lucrative in the future, then match them with colleges that have a compatible major
  • Identify additional criteria that will best fit your child’s needs including:
    • distance from home
    • the size of the school
    • the level of scholastic rigor
    • the “correct” level of collegiate soccer
  • Market your player to those schools and soccer programs
  • Build a realistic plan to pay for it all (with college costs exceeding most of our first homes)


When do you need to complete the college athletic recruitment process?

For female student-athletes qualified to play at the highest level, this all needs to be accomplished with the necessary feedback and college visits by January or February of their sophomore year. Boys have 6-12 months of additional time.

Trying to manage these decisions and conversations with young teens during one of the busiest times of their lives is anything but simple. The hard fact is that college selection and athletic recruitment process is your cross to bear. It is the responsibility of your family and your athlete. Fortunately, help is near!

What Aspire offers student – athletes and their  families:

Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources partners with athletes and their families in the college selection and athletic recruitment process. We are dedicated to finding your athlete’s right fit scholastic and athletic environment and to optimizing their success in the classroom and on the athletic field. Aspire provides personalized service for the individual needs of each athlete. We take the time to understand the needs of your athlete and family.  The process can be divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Education and Information Exchange

Phase 2: Coach Contact and Relationship Building

Phase 3: Preparing to Verbally Accept Your Opportunity

As part of our service, we conduct four lessons with the player and their parent to accelerate each client’s understanding of college selection and athletic recruitment. The classes and student-athlete assessment move at the client’s pace and cover the following material:

  • Building Your Personalized Selection Criteria; Career Selection and Your Recruitment Team Responsibilities
  • Analyzing College Matches and Financial Options
  • Dissecting College Athletics, the NCAA, and Timelines
  • Marketing Your Player to the Right Fit Programs


At Aspire, we maximize your opportunities, minimize common mistakes, and put you on a path to success for college athletic recruitment. We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the present!

Give your athletes an edge with college athletic recruitment guidance

Aspire partners with traveling soccer clubs to provide seminars, talks, and programs on college selection and athletic recruitment at all levels. We also offer small group classes and individual one-on-one consulting.  Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources would love to work with you and your soccer club!  Please call us at 630-740-8741 or email to learn more about the education and recruitment resources we offer. Our mission is to help your student-athletes learn how to find a great college soccer program that fits their athletic, academic, and future career goals.

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