Words of Wisdom from College Recruits

Athletic recruitment follows a predictable path to a predictable end. There are decision points and guardrails. If you act at the right time with the right guidance, you can plot a course that will end within a reasonable range of your target. If you wait too long or fail to get the correct advice from teachers, counselors, parents, and coaches you may end up making last minute choices or settling for a school that wasn’t aligned with your goals.

Here are some tips from last week’s panelists: Chase Gianacakos, Danielle Noverini, Alex Gage, and John Munyon:

  • Start early! Freshman and Sophomore Years are key


  • Get guidance from someone that has been through the athletic recruitment process


  • Be pleasantly persistent with coaches at your target schools –keep communicating!


  • Pursue opportunities to get better at you sport (ODP, ID2, Coerver- for soccer; Core 6 for Football was key.)


  • Get on the campus andstay at an overnight camp to see if you like it and it is a good fit


  • Get the grades! Being a good student is just part of it! Coaches need to know you will be academically eligible to play. (All our panelist were All Academic HS Selections)


  • Parent support role is huge! They know you well and can guide your choice of a career and college campus. Listen to what they have to say!(Yes! They really said that…all of them!)

Thanks again panelist! One mom relayed she took 3 pages of notes! Well done!

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