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What Recruitment Help Should I Expect from my Coach?

Youth soccer is blessed with some terrific club and high school coaches. They work long hours to develop elite teams of players and attract new talent. Expect coaches to take your team to high profile tournaments and showcases, but every player must take ownership of their college soccer recruitment. Help is near.

The time needed to understand a players academic interests, abilities, aptitudes, campus requirements, and financial situation is more then your club or high school coach can manage. A coach with the experience and expertise to determine the level of collegiate soccer you can play early in the recruitment process is invaluable. Be sure you are your best self by treating the coach with respect and your full effort & attention.

Remember college coaches want to talk to your youth coaches and not your mom. BUT, before you ask a coach to send an endorsement of your abilities to a list of 20 college coaches, you must do your homework and discover if the school is the right fit for you. Do they have your major? Are you good with the size, distance from home, and the campus culture? Does this campus meet your scholastic and athletic goals. Have you visited the campus?

Most youth coaches will be willing to make a couple calls to college coaches on your behalf. When the time is right to ask for an endorsement from your coach, will the coach say you are a skilled player with a great attitude? Will they be able to say you can be counted on to be on time for games and practices? Will they be able to report that you are a team player with great grades and the strength of character to make the right choices on a college campus? Resolve today to be that player!

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