Don’t Be Bob – What Not to Do in Your Athletic Recruitment Journey

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Don’t Be Bob – What Not to Do in Your Athletic Recruitment Journey

At Aspire, we talk a lot about how to properly approach athletic recruitment and the important steps in the journey to playing your sport in college. But today, we’re going to talk about an example of what not to do in your Athletic Recruitment journey.

Meet Bob. Bob is a high school boy with a bad haircut who plays soccer. Bob:

*  is in the top 25% of his junior class
*  plays at the highest level of his club team
*  is well-loved by his coaches
*  hopes to play Division 1 college soccer at a large high profile school with a great reputation in the south

Bob’s Dad made videos of his play, put them on YouTube and sent the links to several Coaches at Bob’s top collegiate picks. Yet…Bob never heard back from anyone. Now he’s at the end of this junior year and his other teammates seem to be in communication with college coaches — some are talking about accepting verbal offers.

Bob’s family decides that he and his mom will fly to NC to a soccer ID camp right after his Junior year. The trip is pretty expensive:

*   Airfare = $400 each
*   ID camp registration = $800
*   Mom’s hotel = $800
*   Mom’s food =$300
*   Mom’s rental car = $300
 Total = $2600

Bob does okay at camp. He has a chance to talk to the Head Coach about an opportunity there, but the coach has already:

*   Identified the Recruits for Bob’s grad year
*   Spent all his equivalencies for that year
*   Is now evaluating younger players

Bob doesn’t know what an equivalency is, but it sounds bad. Bob asks about a walk-on position on the team. The coach asks him about his ACT score, and Bob answers with a mid 20 number. The coach tells Bob that his score will be too low for him to possibly get accepted at this school. The institution is “athletically blind” – meaning, they do not consider your athletic ability in their acceptance criteria for students.

Bob is in a bad spot! He feels he’s unprepared. He lacks a plan, is late in the game, and worries that his college dreams are about to tank.

***Don’t be Bob.***

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