September 1st! Do You Have Mail?


Hello Player (and Parents),
September 1, 2015 was the first day Division 1 College Coaches were able to call and email the high school class of 2017 (juniors) about college soccer opportunities. Most of the correspondence was email. 

What if you received emails from college coaches expressing interest in you joining their programs? 

Congratulations! Now here are some tips from Aspire.
·         Assess the campus to determine if it fits your scholastic and athletic needs. This is a complex process and just one of our services for clients. We build the list of “right fit” scholastic and athletic programs with you.
·         Talk to your parents about any “right fit” opportunity. Determine with them when you might schedule a visit to see the campus & talk to the coach in person.
·         Add those campuses to your carefully researched list with the majors you will study there.
·         Respond to the Coaches in the next 48 hours. Be gracious. You might consider separating the schools into 3 categories:

Top Choice! Have a plan to visit the school with your parents when the coach is available to talk with you. This is the perfect time to see 3-4 campuses and talk to the recruiting coaches. Make this a top priority. Every athletic dollar is given away…to someone. Let it be you.
Second Tier Choice – If this campus is not in your top 3-4 programs currently recruiting you, thank the coach and let him/her know you will get back to him/her soon. Follow up in a month when you are more clear and have talked to your top choices.
Not a fit – Thank the coach for his interest and time, then politely decline the opportunity. For hard working college coaches, “No” is their 2nd favorite answer. They need to move on to the next candidate.

What if you did not get coach contact email today?
·         Be sure you are sending out your email information with all the vital elements Aspire suggests and the upcoming opportunities to see you play each season. Include your updated player profile.
·         Do be proactive. Do not panic. Consider adding more campuses to your list -perhaps some D2, D3, and NAIA campuses.
·         Don’t hesitate to get help. Here at Aspire we are committed to player results – long after your high school years for those that choose to play in college.

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