Upcoming Athletic Recruitment Interview with Local Guidance Counselor, Friday, Dec. 19th!

You are invited to a FREE seminar! Join in the Athletic Recruitment Conversation with Aspire Soccer Consulting and High School Guidance Counselor Matthew Kirby on Friday, December 19th in St Charles, IL at Arcedium Coffee House from 9-10 am!

Matt will answer your questions and share valuable insight into successfully navigating the academic demands of Athletic Recruitment. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to maximize your child’s opportunity! Caring people choose to be Guidance Counselors. That is the good news. The bad news is our local high school guidance counselors in St. Charles, IL have almost 400 students first semester and 500 students second semester as 8th graders start “on boarding” (choosing their high school classes for the following year). Students have many needs including standardized testing, IEP’s, high school curriculum guidance, and college admissions instruction to start the list.

Can one person manage 500 students and give them personalized suggestions for their sport? No. Most Guidance Counselors cannot offer help with your sports recruitments. One female soccer player was told to pursue Bradley or UIC though neither had a female soccer program at the time. She went on to earn $27,000/year in Athletic Scholarship at another excellent University.

Your Guidance Professional is one of several vital members of your athletic recruitment team!  We are helping athletes meet their athletic and scholastic goals everyday. Today is the day to get started…

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