Top 10 Reasons Athletes Fail at Recruitment

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Top 10 Reasons Athletes Fail at Recruitment

(Rock and Roll Version from your friends at Aspire Soccer Consulting)

College athletic recruitment can be difficult for a number of reasons – but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Most of the challenges athletes face in the recruitment process are easily overcome with proper planning, and by keeping realistic expectations.  At Aspire Soccer Consulting and Resources, we are here to help you navigate your way through a successful college recruitment experience! For starters, be sure to read these top 10 reasons athletes fail at recruitment:

10. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Chicago) – Yes, and you’re late. Athletes often start the recruiting process late, and follow antiquated recruitment timelines that worked when Mike Ditka was being recruited. They don’t work now – recruitment happens early in the year (Jan-Feb!)

9. Dreamweaver (Gary Wright) – This Dreamweaver won’t “get you through the night”– in fact, it won’t get you on a college soccer team. Athletes only target their “Dream School” or “Elite Scholastic Campuses” and don’t plan for “fit” and “fallback” options.

8. Read My Mind (The Killers) – Sorry Killers, but no — college coaches cannot read your mind. Athletes fail when they don’t correspond with coaches and don’t provide ongoing opportunities for coaches to watch them play. They don’t attend ID camps at “good fit” programs during the summers or over Holiday or winter breaks.

7. I’m Too Sexy (Right Said Fred) – Athletes fail to respond to the college coaches that are actually reaching out to them because they are too intent on waiting for other schools. Some don’t recognize the level of sport that is already recruiting them, and adjust their expectations. Bad news – you’re not that sexy…at least not to college coaches.

6. Desperado (The Eagles) – Athletes don’t ask their current coaches for college placement recommendations and endorsements. “Come down from your fences and open the gate”…and ask your coach for their written assessment of your ability.

5. Get This Party Started (PINK) – Some athletes party right past recruitment. The distractions of social media, girls, boys, parties, the vicissitudes of teenagerdom. For some, it is time to tune down the party and get focused on the future.

4. One Step Closer (Linkin Park) – Some athletes believe college coaches will actively seek them out, which is not likely (only about 2% of soccer recruits are actively recruited). They aren’t getting one step closer as long as they’re not doing anything.

3. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones) – Athletes often fail to consider career advisement, and look at which colleges have the majors they are interested in pursuing. Some lack the aptitude to pursue their declared major (I plan to study particle physics, but struggle with mathematics). Mic was right – you can’t always get what you want.

2. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie) – Some athletes over commit with multiple sports, multiple clubs, social dramas, jobs, and become overloaded at school. Yikes – Freddie and Dave knew the drill.

1. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) – Athletes can become paralyzed with anxiety or fear. They don’t know where to start…and so they don’t start at all.

Don’t fall victim to these recruiting roadblocks! It’s time to call Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources at 630-740-8741, and learn more about our upcoming recruitment sessions (for Strikers Fox Valley Club Members) and our Private Consulting Sessions (for everyone!).

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