The Student Athlete’s Guide to College Recruitment

college athletic recruitment

The Student Athlete’s Guide to College Recruitment

Where can I play my sport in college? How do I choose the right program? Which major is best for me? What do college coaches want in a prospective recruit? When do I start with college recruitment?

These are the questions that plague athletes.

The spiraling cost of college and the mounting pressure on teenagers to make education and life choices early continues to stress families and relationships. These are important decisions to make, and we’re here to offer guidance that will demystify the complexities of athletic regulations, clarify the nuances of college athletic recruitment, and the tackle challenges of program selection.

How Aspire Can Help

Aspire was formed as an alternative for families seeking advice and personal direction throughout this daunting process of College Recruitment. We measure our success by the individual care we provide to every young student-athlete.

Our mission is to find the right school, the right opportunity, and the right soccer program for every young athlete we have the privilege of guiding; to ensure that athletes are placed in an environment to grow educationally and athletically and to place them on a trajectory for success on the field and in life.

Our program will ensure you’re organized and conducting an efficient college search. Your first appointments will include the athlete and parents. We invest the time to learn about you first – your academic record, passions, strengths, challenges, dreams, interests, and goals for your athletic career, education, and life. Here is our program overview:

  • Where Do I Start?
  • An Overview of the Recruiting Process
  • The Athletic reality – How do I stack up?
  • What Do I need to know?
  • A review of Athletic Regulations and the Recruiting timeline
  • The difference between DI, II, III and NAIA programs
  • The Role of Coaches
  • What’s the Difference between High School, Club, and College Athletics?
  • What about my College and my Major?
  • The $200,000 Question – why choosing your major matters
  • Selecting the right fit College – my dreams, my window, my safety
  • Targeting Colleges and Marketing your Skills
  • Athletic Programs and Your Resume
  • How to Build a Resume
  • How to contact schools
  • How to manage offers
  • Selling Yourself at Tournaments and Camps
  • Standing out from the Masses
  • Developing a Winning Attitude


What to Expect?

Ultimately, after completing our program, you will build a recruitment workbook that includes a resume, recruitment letters, a college comparison matrix, and a step-by-step guide that takes you from initial contact to coach interview, to recruiting visit, to your first day at college.

Dreams do come true– but not without planning, hard work, and accountability. Let us partner with you to find the right fit for your scholastic and athletic goals. The sooner you start the better – freshman and sophomore high school students are especially encouraged to start now! Hope is not a strategy. Contact Aspire today!

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