Student-Athlete Success Story: Jack Schramme Gives College Test Prep Advice

2018 Jack Schramme Signing Day

Student-Athlete Success Story: Jack Schramme Gives College Test Prep Advice

Aspire’s own Jack Schramme recently announced his commitment to play collegiate soccer at Aurora University. A prolific Striker, Jack will be a great addition to the AU Spartan program. Jack also plays travel club soccer with Campton United Soccer Club. Jack’s classroom excellence as a high honor student at Burlington Central High School, paired with his accolades on the field equip him to excel in his college endeavors. Jack’s hard work in soccer, academics, and life are paying off!

“I am grateful for the early guidance, starting in 8th grade, that Aspire and Deanna Gage gave me on how to navigate the college planning process so that I could find a good college fit athletically, academically and financially,” said Jack.

Jack made a lasting impression on Central High School Soccer’s record book for setting the program’s all-time record of 92 career goals, as well as a season record of 29 goals. Jack’s soccer accomplishments include:

  • 2017 Chicago Fire’s All-State All-Academic First Team
  • IHSSCA 3-year All-Sectional Award
  • 4-year All-Conference Award
  • Central’s 2017 MVP Award
  • 4-year Varsity starter


Jack, your family, your friends, your community, your club, and Aspire Soccer Consulting could not be more proud! Well done! Go Spartans!


So, how did he do it?

College Test Prep Advice from a Student’s Perspective


Jack Schramme 2018

Jack is not only an exceptional athlete but also an exceptional student. With the help of Learning Ascent Tutoring for ACT test prep and Aspire Soccer Consulting for college athletic recruitment advice, Jack got the right guidance to help him on his college path.

In his recent blog post on college test prep, Jack said,

“I assumed I’d do well on the ACT and SAT on my first try. After all, I was a straight-A student, so I should know the subject content well. My first practice test was an eye-opener. I did not do nearly as well as I anticipated on any of the four subjects. So much for thinking I had it “covered.” I was not sure where I went wrong, or even what my weaknesses were. I began to search for ways to improve my score.”

He found the help he was looking for at Learning Ascent Tutoring.

Since 2002, Learning Ascent test prep professionals have helped thousands of Fox Valley students increase their ACT and SAT scores. GPA and your ACT or SAT test scores are the largest determinants of which colleges will accept you, and how much those colleges will cost you. Thousands of dollars of scholarship money are at stake for every student. SAT ACT Prep Classes are a great investment! You can sign up for Learning Ascent’s ACT and SAT Prep Classes here.

Jack also notes, 

“You can take the ACT as many times as you wish. Your last test should be no later than September of your Senior Year. Why 3 times? For most people, like me, each test score got better and better. By the time I took my last one, it was my best overall score. My composite score was 6 points higher than on my practice test. That’s huge! I even scored a perfect 36 in one of the subjects.

Taking a test three times may seem daunting, but it is so worth it. And it becomes easier, since you know the flow, and you manage your time better during the 3.5-hour test. Best of all, you can benefit from Super Scoring. Many colleges take the best score from each subject section among all the tests. That can raise your score by another point or two. Super Scoring got me to a 34, which opened up doors I never thought possible, including letters from a couple of the Ivy League schools.

Test score milestones = more scholarship money.

“Numbers matter,” Jack says. “The score you may think is “good enough” may not open the doors you hoped for. In general, an ACT of 25 will be the starting point for scholarship eligibility. Each point higher will qualify you for more money. Hitting the 30 milestone will open the gates to generous scholarship awards. A 32 or higher will qualify you for the highest scholarship level that many schools offer.

A little bit of effort in test prep will pay you back a thousand-fold. My decision to get expert test prep made a big difference in my path to college. Schools I never heard of reached out to me. Some schools not only solicited me, but they also offered me opportunities to enter their honors program. The two colleges I narrowed my search to rewarded me with their highest scholarship levels. That takes a lot of financial stress off of me, and my parents.

Jack’s final college test prep advice: 

“Don’t wait to test-prep the right way. Your high school time will fly by. You may think you don’t have the time, but there’s always time to fit in a couple of hours a week for a few weeks, all for a BIG PAYOFF in your future.”

This is the reason Aspire Soccer Consulting and Learning Ascent Tutoring collaborate! Our shared office space is intended to give students the best advantage for success. We’re here to guide you with a variety of test prep classes, tutoring subjects and advice to help you qualify for college programs and scholarships. Get in touch today – we’d love to talk about your tutoring, college test prep or athletic consulting needs.

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