Story of an Athletic Recruitment Success and Financial Tips

Her soccer coach told her she was a D1 soccer recruit and that was a thrill! She had always dreamed of playing soccer in college and now the dream might become a reality. Where should she start? Which school should she attend? Which course of study should she take? She was best fit for a mid-major soccer experience, but where were they? What about the money?

The first decision in Athletic Recruitment is to decide what you want to do with your life or at least a general direction of study. Having aserious talk with your parents and others about life direction, quality of life, and intellectual fulfillment is the base for recruiting well. Unfortunately, that sentence alone can produce catatonic youth and is the source of much parental – child angst.  Selecting a major that best suits a student’s aptitudes, interests, and abilities is the engine for the collegiate process. Engaging in this conversation with your teen and keeping them focused and awake may prove to be a challenge. This family decided to hire the experts at Career Vision to do a day of testing and match the recruit with best fit careers options. The money was small compared to an extended college stay and proved beneficial in the selection of a degree!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

Financial Tips…When selecting a school, the sticker price can be shocking! The net price (the difference between the cost of attendance and the money a student receives through grants and scholarships) is the price that matters to you. Aspire Soccer Consulting partners with athlete’s and their families to access additional athletic grants. Check out for help determining net price, but know that a website cannot compete with a competent financial planner. I like John Winkates at Wells Fargo. He is smart, dependable, successful, and has a long standing history of success in the community. Choose someone that is busy and reputable, but discipline yourself to go see them. It will make all the difference!

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