Soccer Girl Diaries

Dear Freshmen,

Welcome to reporting day! Expect lots of paper work, a brief sports physical and to meet a lot of new people. Day 1 is important but don’t feel alone! Every girl in your class is guzzling the same nervous-cocktail and everyone has fitness-test jitters. Be kind and appreciative and you’ll do just fine.

Here are 3 tips to surviving Day 1.

1. Come prepared. Be it forms or fitness make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running. And don’t forget that stupid Sickle Cell packet.

2. Introduce yourself with the name you’re called on the field. If your name is Jennifer Lawrence but you go by J-Lo—say that. Once a nickname sticks it’s set in stone.

3. Don’t fight with your parents. This day is probably harder for them than it is for you. Unlike high school, parents become incredibly cool in college and on a bad day, which could be tomorrow, you will want to be able to call your mom.

Above all else, relax. In 2 months no one will remember the time you forgot your hometown during introductions, and in 4 years you will give anything to have Day 1 back.

Go Get ‘Em!

Sammy #3

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