Six Things a College Coach wants in a Recruit

What does a college coach wants in a recruit?  Every coach is looking for skill, size, and speed. Players that have honed their skills both technically and tactically will always be in demand. Soccer players can often overcome a size deficit by strengthening unique skills and having the speed of play to possess the ball and create scoring opportunities. These first 3 characteristics of potential recruits can be observed by recruiting coaches. The next 3 cannot.

What other qualities do college coaches identify in determining if you are the recruit they desire? College coaches what to know if you have good grades. No coach wants a recruit that is chronically scholastically ineligible! Your grades matter! Lack of effort in the classroom has derailed many elite athletes. Work hard at school and seek help if you need it. College coaches also ask if you have the strength of character to succeed on a college campus when mom and dad are not monitoring your extracurricular activities. Will you be able to avoid SAD MOTHER? (Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Money issues…there is very little OTHER.)

The final question college coaches ask is if you have “crazy parents”? Coaches (and humanity at large) are trying to avoid parents that yell obscenities, berate coaches and players, and accost athletic departments with questions about playing time, tactical decisions, and demands. Parents, your actions and words can end your athlete’s collegiate career. Be better.

Demonstrating character, being a good student, showing consistent performance improvement, expanding your coaching network through ODP and club tournaments….that’s the stuff that gets athletes noticed.

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