It Takes a Village

The Athletic Recruitment process takes a village. Don’t try to “Hans Solo” the process. You want a lot of people breathing into this!

Smart Athletes carefully consider the College Selection Process and its cousin, the selection of your College Major. The first big question you have to face is “What do I want to do with my life?” or what will I study at school? If you get recruited by a great team, but later decide on a major that doesn’t exist at your campus, well… that’s not good!

Parents are the biggest influencer of career selection and sometimes moms and dads need some help! Moms and Dads, have you started to have the career conversation every other day now? Are tensions mounting and patience thinning as the whole recruitment process grounds to a halt?

Good news! There is help for your family! On April 9th Aspire Consulting will host a free seminar on sports recruitment at Learning Ascent Tutoring at 720 N 17th Street, Suite 9 in St Charles, IL at 7:30 pm.

Come join us and get a head start on your first step in recruitment! Hear from Career Vision a local nonprofit with a personalized process that allows for careful, collaborative, career decisions that holds promise for both success and satisfaction.

This is a WOW and it is free to you!

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