Highlights from College Counselor Interview

Thank you for your ongoing support of your athlete. Identifying the right major, choosing the best fit school, and coordinating the right athletic opportunity requires careful planning. In response to interest in last month’s interview, here are some highlights from local Guidance Counselor, Matt Kirby. 

Matt Kirby is a Guidance Counselor at St Charles North High School and has 26 years of experience in education and collegiate placement. Following are excerpts from his recent interview with Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources. 

On mistakes students make….

(Scholastic) High school students are often under the misperception that their freshman year doesn’t count in overall GPA for college selection. They are wrong. Every high school year counts — including the senior year (even after College acceptance). Colleges have declined admittance to “previously accepted” high school seniors that failed to finish strong.

(Social) Students inability to “power off” of their technology – social media, texting, gaming, and spending too much time on the phone – is now the leading cause of failing out of college. It has replaced drugs and alcohol for this dubious honor. Who knew? Students struggle to separate themselves from their phones and online entertainment. They chronically text and stay online. The don’t pay attention in class.

(Athletic) Colleges want competitive athletes and strong students. The challenge is finding  balance between school and sport. Pursuing excellence in sports builds character and self-awareness, but this must be balanced with committed academic focus. The athletic challenge is about meeting the time, energy, and intensity demands of college sporting while not falling out of step with school.

Thanks Matt for your valuable insight! Here are some other questions that Matt fielded during his interview:

·         What is the educational environment at our local high schools and what are some of the big challenges current student-athletes are facing from a Guidance Counselors perspective?

·         How do I partner with my student’s college search without talking over or micromanaging the process?

·         Are there any best practices for high school success and college transition you are able to share with us?

·         How can my student come best prepared for a conversation with their Guidance Counselor?

·         Would a visit with parents be welcome by the GC staff to ensure good communication and follow through with some students?

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us at Aspire Soccer Consulting. We turn college dreams into reality every day.

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