Don’t Miss These Upcoming College Soccer ID Camps: Spring and Summer 2017

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Don’t Miss These Upcoming College Soccer ID Camps: Spring and Summer 2017

Would you like to play soccer in college? Great! Don’t expect your club soccer team’s success to do all your recruitment work, though. You will need to connect with the right coach, too. One great way for high school athletes to do this is by participating in spring and summer college soccer ID camps. College soccer programs are now posting their ID camp dates, which means it’s time to reserve your spot! These prospective student-athlete camps are more than an opportunity to improve your skills– they also offer a unique chance to connect with potential recruitment coaches and personally experience a college campus.

Are you too young to start attending camps?  Very likely, no! Many camps are open to 7th and 8th grade athletes exploring campuses, as well as high school athletes in the serious business of earning a roster spot.

What should I know before I register? Each college has a unique list of college majors and “scholastic rigor” (how difficult the classroom work is and how fast it moves). You want to know if your desired major or area of study is offered, and the whether classwork matches the correct level of difficulty for your academic profile.

Aspire Soccer Consulting and Resources wants to help you succeed with college recruitment so you can play soccer at a college that fits your academic, athletic, and career goals.  That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile this list of upcoming ID camps. Give us a call at 630-740-8741 or email, and we will help you sort out the right camps for you!


Men’s ID Camps Spring and Summer 2017


Multiple Coach Camps:

Exact Camp – April 14:


D1 Camps:

Michigan – July 14-16:

University of Wisconsin-Madison  – June 19-23, June 27-30, July 13-16:

Marquette – July 31- Aug 2 – Elite ID:

Loyola Chicago – June 17-18; July 15-16; July 22-23:

Green Bay April 9; May 6:

Bradley – (Run by CISA) July 23-26:

DePaul – April 9, May 20, July 8 & 9:

Dayton  Keeper Camp July 17-21:

Wisconsin – Milwaukee – July 15:

 Northern Illinois University –  July 18-20:’s Soccer

D2 Camps:

Truman State – July 21-23:


D3 Camps:

IWU –  August 7:

Carthage – June 2017:

Lawrence – June 6-9:

North Central College  – Prospect Camp: Saturday, July 15 from 4-9 pm:

Calvin College – June 19-22:

University of Chicago – May 20-21, June 4, Aug 4-5:

Carnegie Mellon –  June 15-17 and July 15-17;

Wash U – July 9-12:

Case Western Reserve – July 21-23:

MSOE: High School Camp – July 29-30:

IWU – June 28-30; August 6, 2017; Goalkeeper Camp July 25-27:

Elmhurst College July 28-30 Nike Boys Premiere ID Camp:


Women’s ID Camps Spring- Summer 2017


Multiple Coach ID Camps:

Exact Camp – April 14:

Exact Camp – July 27:

Midwest Elite – June 27-30, July 5-8:


D1 Camps:

Northwestern – May, 13, June 28-29, June 30, July 6-9:

Marquette –  June 10, July 28:

Wisconsin – July 5-8, July 10-12, July 23-25, July 17-21:

Michigan – May 20, July 22:

DePaul – June 3-4:

Wisconsin Milwaukee – July 16, 21-23:

ISU – 4/2, 6/13, 7/10, 7/15:

NIU – June 12, June 17:

Northern Illinois University – July 10-12: (Girls Elite Camp)’s Soccer


D2 Camps:

UW – Parkside – July 29 8:15-6 pm:

Winona State – June 25-27:


D3 Camps:

Carthage College – June 18-21:

MSOE – Prospect Camp Link: Summer High School Camp Link:

Aurora University – June 25-27:

Calvin College  June 19-22:

University of Chicago – May 20-21; June 4; Aug 4-5:

Carnegie Mellon – June 9-12 and July 23-26:

Wash U  July 16-19:

Hope – July 9-13 and 20-22: 

Illinois Wesleyan University  June 10-11, August 12:

Elmhurst College July 28-30 Nike Girls Premiere ID Camp:

We hope you find this list of Upcoming College Soccer ID Camps for 2017 valuable! We want to see your athlete succeed.  If you’re looking for help at any stage of the college athletic recruitment process, Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources is here for you! We’d love to talk to you about personalized recruitment consulting for athletes and soccer clubs.

Give us a call at 630-740-8741 or email, and we will help your athlete get on the right track to play their sport in college! 

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