For Strikers Fox Valley Members: 2017 Sessions

Coach Pat Feulner and the Strikers’ coaches asked Aspire to be the educational and recruiting resource arm of the club. It is the Striker organization’s desire to establish a unique brand—a brand that prepares athletes to play at the next level and provides college selection and athletic recruitment support with Aspire! Some of that preparation involves developing soccer skills and soccer IQ, and some of that preparation involves preparing for college and managing the emotional & strategic challenges of collegiate recruitment. This is an exciting time to be a Striker! For more information about Strikers Fox Valley, please visit their website or contact us.

SAVE THE DATE: Strikers 2017 Showcase will be held Saturday, December 16 (Boys) and Sunday, December 17 (Girls), at Strikers Fox Valley Soccer Club

Stay tuned for updates coming in the fall. We’ll post more 2017 winter showcase info here as it becomes available.


Record Number of Striker Athletes Earn College Placements 


What happens when talented athletes, supportive families, dedicated club coaches, and recruitment education from Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources all collaborate for the benefit of student-athletes?


The graduating class of 2017 has 24 student-athletes committed to playing collegiate soccer, and the list continues to grow! Congratulations to the record number of local student-athletes finding the right scholastic and athletic collegiate sporting opportunity!


See the growing list of committed athletes here.

Introduction to College Selection & Athletic Opportunity Session:


This session is strongly recommended for the U14 and U15 age groups. We welcome parents and middle school athletes to join us for an introductory session where we’ll uncover the demanding timeline of college athletics. Learn what college coaches want in every athlete, and how to select a good fit ID camp! Sessions offered at tryouts and to the U14/U15 athletes as scheduled by Coach and Manager.


Upcoming Sessions Will Take Place During Your Annual Striker Coach Meetings:


Contact us here for more info about future Intro to College Selection & Athletic Opportunity Sessions


These Introductory Talks are geared towards parents of 7th and 8th grade Strikers Fox Valley Soccer Club Members. No registration required.

First Touch Session:


This class is loaded with information for current Striker players and parents desiring a strong start in the collegiate soccer recruitment battle. What do you need to know to succeed in your hunt for the right scholastic and athletic environment? Student Athletes from age U14-U19 are welcome, but this session targets U16 and older athletes. Class held in the Striker Team Room in conjunction with annual team meetings as scheduled by Coach and Manager.  


Upcoming Sessions Will Take Place During Your Annual Striker Coach Meetings:


Contact us here for more info about future First Touch Sessions


Our First Touch Session was shared at the Club ten times this season. We enjoyed meeting so many of the Striker Fox Valley families and appreciate the wonderful reviews! The Session has concluded for this season.

GOAL Sessions: Your 8 Hour Head Start to Collegiate Soccer Recruitment!




1. Game of Life

What do I want to study in college? What occupation is best for me?




2. Own Your School

Which college campuses fit my major and my needs?




3. Achieve Your Soccer Level

What level of college athletics can I play? What level of college athletics should I play?




4. Lead Your Sales Campaign

How do I market myself to my target coaches?

Contact us here for more info about future GOAL Sessions!


  1. Semi-Private classes at Strikers with 3-6 players/session (4 hours)
  2. Workshop to build your recruitment tools (2 hours)
  3. Private Consultations (2 hours)
  4. Receive your top 20+ list of college programs meeting your individual selection criteria
  5. Recommended for EARLY high school age athletes
  6. Parents and player participation essential
  7. This is a paid service offered exclusively for Strikers Fox Valley Soccer Club Members


Call today to schedule the  most convenient time for your player and team needs: 630-740-8741

Private Consulting:


Private consulting is for those of you that cannot commit to a class time, who are starting the process late, or who would prefer the private consulting option focused only on their student-athlete. This is a great opportunity utilized by many of your teammates. Let us guide you through the process with our proven plan for success. We stay with you until you accept a verbal offer to play at the carefully selected college program where you are inspired!


This is our most popular opportunity and is proving to be a good value with strong return on investment. There are a limited number of these Private opportunities. For pricing and availability please contact us here or Call 630-740-8741. You can also email us directly at:


Our desire is for our athletes to earn a functional college degree in 4 years, make a strong contribution to a college soccer team that inspires them, and graduate from college with minimal debt. We are dedicated to this good work and look forward to building a strong alliance with the 62 plus colleges campuses that have recruited Striker FV players and new campuses that will recruit them in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here if you have questions or


Call 630-740-8741 or email us at: