Prepare for College and College Athletics: Fitness and Physical Training

College Athletic Training

Prepare for College and College Athletics: Fitness and Physical Training

There’s a lot to know before you head off to college.  This summer, as you prepare for an exciting new chapter of independence, Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources wants to help set you up for success – athletically, academically, socially, and professionally. This 3 part series will highlight:

  • Fitness and Physical Training
  • Preparing for the Academic Challenge
  • Ready, Set, Budget


Student- athletes, we hope these tips will help you prepare for college this fall or in the near future! You’ll learn a lot about yourself as you begin your college journey, and we wish you all the best! For high school students and parents seeking help with a plan for college athletic recruitment, contact Aspire Soccer Consulting and Resources online, or call us at 630-740-8741 today!

Fitness and Physical Training

For college athletes, a top priority this summer is fitness. You must be committed to your workouts each week in order to pass the fitness test in the pre-season. Start as early as possible on your assigned workouts, and test yourself regularly. Schedule workouts with your soccer club’s U23 team to continually improve. Also, become a regular in the weight room. If your club has a strength coach, get with him/her now to be ready for “two a day” soccer preseason workouts and a daily college weight room session.

Your college experience will bring plenty of opportunities for growth and development, but it helps to have a plan and goals in mind. Each collegiate program has a fitness program they send their incoming freshman recruits. Expect to be tested during the first few days of preseason. Check out this advice on fitness tests, nutrition, and weightlifting from Soccer Training Info.

Luck favors the prepared! Wishing you luck!

Your Friends at Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources

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