Prepare for College and College Athletics: The Academic Challenge

Prepare for College

Prepare for College and College Athletics: The Academic Challenge

Your daily devotion to training is moving you closer to your collegiate goals. We hope the tips from part 1 of this blog have inspired you to press ahead.  This is installment 2 of the 3 part series highlighting:

  • Fitness and Physical Training
  • Preparing for the Academic Challenge
  • Ready, Set, Budget


Now it’s time to add some mental muscle to your college prep! Smart athletes find ways to master the classroom requirements and stay academically eligible to play their college sport. Having qualified for NCAA athletics with a minimum 2.3 GPA, how will you master the classroom requirement during a busy fall soccer campaign- and keep the 2.0 that is required for you to participate? 

This summer, as you prepare for an exciting new chapter of independence, Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources wants to help set you up for success – athletically, academically, socially, and professionally. Here’s how:

Read. You may not like this sound advice, but read! Read a lot. College will require more reading than you might be accustomed to.  Start building your literary repertoire now by expanding your vocabulary, reading speed, and knowledge. Read books, read newspapers, and read relevant material on your major from reputable sources. Google Scholar or a University reference database are good places to start.

Choose the Right Major. Think Freshman year is all about finding yourself and identifying your inner spirit animal? Nonsense. Not identifying a major or choosing one that isn’t aligned with your skills is an expensive mistake that will lead to frustration, debt, and the “ultimate evil’ – moving back in with your parents. Perhaps you can’t identify “exactly” what you want to study, but at the very least, work to choose a general academic discipline that suites your strengths and will result in a profession.

Career Discovery. Can you job shadow this summer? Chat with your friends or neighbors about their jobs to help discover positions you might find interesting. How about connecting with our strategic partner, Career Vision, who will help you identify career desires and connect your talents with actual jobs?

Connect with Your Professors. As an athlete, you will miss class frequently during your sporting season. Check out any online information where students rate professors to learn if they are accommodating to athletes or inflexible. Athletic advisors will help steer you away from professors that will not work with athletes. While you are accountable for class material and for notifying your professors in advance when you will miss class, athletes cannot control when they miss class for games. Athletes need to have supportive professors that allow them to take tests or make up labs when they return from play where they represent the University. Proper etiquette (in person or online) suggests you remain formal with your teachers. If they have a PhD, refer to them as Dr. If not, Mr., Mrs., Miss, is the appropriate address. Connect with your professor in the first week of class to let them know your schedule and your intention to get the material and excel in their class.

Technology. Update your computer and have the necessary software suggested by your University and Major. If you are replacing your computer for college, get the new machine early this summer and get familiar with any new software.

Social Media and Lifestyle. Scrub your lifestyle and social media of any inappropriate behaviors, pictures, or comments. If your grandmother might hesitate to endorse the behavior, comment, picture, gesture – lose it.  Think no alcohol, no inappropriate clothing, no pictures of others with inappropriate clothing, no drugs, no drug references, and nothing creepy.

You can do this! We can help! Student athletes, we hope these tips will help you prepare for college this fall or in the near future. You’ll learn a lot about yourself as you begin your college journey, and we wish you all the best!

For high school students and parents seeking help with a plan for college athletic recruitment, contact Aspire Soccer Consulting and Resources online, or call us at 630-740-8741 today!

Watch for our next summer blog on budgeting for college!

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