How College Athletic Recruitment Can Set Your Soccer Club Apart

College Soccer Recruitment

How College Athletic Recruitment Can Set Your Soccer Club Apart

Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources knows that club soccer coaches are always looking for ways to improve their programs, increase player retention, and recruit the best talent.

We also recognize that parents and athletes have different expectations for college athletic recruitment.

Players often say, “My coach and club are in charge of my recruitment.”

Parents often say, “I am spending over $8,000/year on club soccer. I expect my player to receive athletic opportunities in college if they are passionate about playing.”

Coaches & clubs insist: “Players and their parents are responsible for their own athletic recruitment.”

So, how can your local soccer club meet parental expectations & improve elite player recruitment and retention? Increase the number of players receiving athletic opportunities & potential scholarship opportunities. Aspire can help by providing valuable recruitment programs for your club. We’ll be your partner for college selection and athletic recruitment success!

What’s involved in college recruitment?

These are some of the main things to consider, research, and prepare during the process:

  • Identify Student Interests & Aptitudes
  • College Major Selection
  • ACT/SAT Prep and Score
  • Grades
  • Volunteer hours
  • Teacher Endorsement
  • Coach Evaluations & Endorsements
  • Meeting Athletic and Scholastic Goals
  • Understanding Scholastic Rigor
  • College Campus Options / Selection Criteria
  • Culture of the Campus
  • Build a “Right Fit” List of Schools
  • Athletic Ability & Level of Collegiate Play
  • NCAA & Eligibility
  • Accelerated Recruitment Timeline
  • Admissions Timeline & Process
  • Marketing & Resumes
  • Player Film Reel
  • Potential Scholarships
  • FAFSA and Program Cost
  • ROI


What are the “Big 4” that determine college fit?

  1. College Major
  2. College Campus
  3. Athletic Program
  4. Financial Package


FACT: Choosing a college and athletic program can be as costly as buying a home!

Athletes & their families need guidance to choose wisely and avoid costly mistakes. Ask yourself– would you send your 17-year-old out alone to buy a house?

Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources helps athletes and their families navigate athletic recruitment.

As a local trusted family owned business with a proven track record, we’re committed to helping athletes and their families secure a better future.

College Athletic Recruitment Road map









A Few Aspire Stats:

One soccer club utilizing Aspire Soccer Consulting saw a 67% increase in college soccer recruitment in 2017.

  • 24 athletes from one club placed into collegiate programs during 2016-2017 season
  • 54 student athletes placed into college programs since the founding of Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources in 2008
  • Multiple athletes playing for scholarships over $100,000 across their 4-year commitment


How can Aspire help you with college selection and athletic recruitment? 

We’ll demystify the recruiting process with a clear step-by-step plan:

  1. We start by listening to your athlete and learning about their interests, abilities, & dreams.
  2. We hear your unique situation first and customize a plan to put you on a path to success.
  3. We partner with soccer clubs, college coaches,  athletes and their families to turn the dream into reality


At Aspire, we measure our success by the individual care we provide to every young athlete.

Here’s what our clients say about working with Aspire:

“I have found a great fit at St. Ambrose. They are putting a scholarship package together for me! I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done for me. It has really impacted my future because you pushed me in the right direction, and I don’t think I would have accomplished what I have without you.” — Melissa Bronke

“All the tools you gave my daughter in communicating with college coaches were incredibly helpful. Your program involves the parents but also empowers the student-athletes to take charge of their future. I would highly recommend you and your business, Aspire, to any student-athlete beginning the college recruitment/search process! It’s a long road and I am so glad you gave us the guidance we so badly needed!” — Diana Noverini

“Aspire’s methodical approach to narrowing the choices and the organization you provided helped to make the whole process less overwhelming and much more efficient.”

“Aspire was invaluable to us throughout the college recruitment process. Your patience, knowledge, and wisdom were priceless. Thank you for helping guide Danielle through it all.”

“Your sincere desire to help our students find the right athletic and academic fit for them is evident in every interaction with them.”

Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources provides affordable, personal guidance for athletes who want to play in college.

Let us be another tool in your Soccer Club’s college recruitment arsenal.

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